The Soothing Power of Lavender…For Kidney Disease?

Lavender, the quintessential feel-good floral scent derived from the popular purple flower, has been used to soothe anxiety, calm frayed nerves and cultivate an aura of relaxation. Its benefits are perhaps only matched by its versatility, with lavender floral extract, fragrance oils, teas and even capsules all being widely available and each touting a host of positive attributes. One such benefit, however, which hasn’t been widely-known until recently, is its potential benefit for kidney disease patients.

According to a recent study, researchers claim that lavender oil can protect the kidneys from cell damage caused by a poisonous chemical called Malathion. Lavender is mostly noted for its pleasant odor and has shown some special antioxidant properties. Malathion which is an insecticide is commonly used in household and agricultural areas. It kills insects but can also cause damage to kidney cells.

When Malathion enters the kidneys it causes damage to the cells. Lavender’s antioxidant properties help prevent this damage to the cells by way of the protection they provide. In an experiment done on mice it was found that the ones whose kidneys were exposed to malathion had damage done to the cells. But lavender wasn’t only found to have a protective, preventative effect on damage connected to presence of Malathion. Researchers also discovered lavender oil could potentially remove the negative effects of Malathion exposure and scientists have found that it further protects any of the previously compromised cells of the kidneys.

What this means for those looking to support normal kidney function through natural remedies is promising. Incorporating lavender into your kidney health protocol may go a long way to helping soothe your kidneys, along with other troubling things like anxiety. 

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