Expectant Mothers Who Drink While Pregnant Increase Their Child’s Chance of CKD Dramatically

It’s widely known in today’s day and age that expectant mothers should refrain from unhealthy activities such as drinking, smoking and using illegal substances. Despite this awareness, however, along with the numerous studies which have linked poor health in the children of those who engage in these activities to their mother’s habits, there are still a surprising amount of people who continue to smoke and drink throughout their pregnancies.

A recent study has highlighted yet another detrimental effect connected to drinking during pregnancy. Researchers in Australia have examined the link between moderate and severe drinking while pregnant and the development of Chronic Kidney Disease in offspring. 1,626 offspring were studied when they turned 30 by examining serum creatinine in their blood. Of this group, 111 or 7% of these offspring developed mild (stage 2) CKD.

For offspring of moderate to heavy drinking mothers in late pregnancy, for early pregnancy, and for pre-pregnancy researchers found the odds were 2.10, 1.59, and 1.23, respectively.

Researchers concluded maternal alcohol exposure during early and late pregnancy was linked to mild CKD later in life. They said the case is even stronger in the case of female offspring.

What this study really points to is a need to remain extra vigilant about your health during pregnancy because every substance you consume will effect the course of your child’s health throughout their life. For parents of kids with CKD, these warnings already come too late and their struggle is a testament to the gravity of kidney disease in children, so if you are expecting and want to prevent the nightmare of chronic kidney disease from developing in your child, skip the alcoholic drinks and opt for healthier alternatives.

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