For Dogs With Kidney Disease, These Are The Best Low Protein, Grain-Free Food Brands For Them

Protein is a very important part of everybody’s diet, including dogs. Protein strengthens muscles and makes the body healthier. Dogs especially need protein but some are unable to digest protein due to kidney disease and kidneys are the organs that filter out the body’s waste. If this organ does not work right the dog will become sick.

What foods should you feed a dog with kidney disease. A dog’s kidney may be affected from toxic foods, certain medications that don’t agree with him or from eating expired foods as well as because not enough oxygen flow to his kidneys.

Some of the signs of kidney disease in a dog could be mouth ulcers, vomiting, loss of appetite, blood in the urine, depression, weight loss and stumbling.

If any of these symptoms appear, you should take him to the veterinarian to prevent further damage. The doctor will prescribe medications and low protein food but when it comes to different brands you should be very careful which to choose.

Here are some low protein dog food recipes for kidney disease:

  • Blue Wilderness Adult Grain-Free Salon Dry Dog Food 24-lb: Contains chicken, peas and deboned salmon and is one of the best low protein dog food for kidney disease.
  • Canidae Grain Free Pure Dry Dog Food: Contains bison meat, lamb, peas, sweet potatoes and chickpeas.
  • Natural Weight Management Grain-Free Dry Dog Food by Holistic: a cheaper version without compromising too much. Gluten free and contains peas, dried molasses chicken, lentils and potatoes.

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