Not Knowing Phosphorous Content In Food Could Spell Disaster For CKD Patients

Although Phosphate is an important part of the body, new studies reveal that too much phosphate can cause renal disease, early aging and arteriosclerosis for patients with chronic kidney disease even causing early death.

That is why for these patients it is recommended to restrict the intake of phosphate in their diets. Phosphorus toxicity is one of the main causes of cardiovascular death and it can also cause cardio-vascular problems.

It is still unknown what effects carbonated drinks have on healthy adults with normal kidney function but tests show that a standard soda drink which contains 50mg of phosphate may increase calcium excretion in normal individuals.

Too much phosphorus can be linked to lung, breast and prostate cancers. Phosphate is a basic component of our daily food and it is derived from protein. In the past years
phosphate is being used as an additive in processed foods and drinks like fast foods, colas and carbonated beverages.

Food labels are very important and it is helpful to know which foods and drinks contain the highest amounts of phosphate. Grains are the largest phosphorus source as are meats and milk products.

CKD patients should lower their phosphate intake and should preferably consume plant based diets and less fast foods, processed foods and carbonated drinks.