The Secret For People with Kidney Issues Looking To Reduce Urea? Probiotics!

Probiotics are micro-organisms that can benefit gut health by building up healthy gut flora which aids in a number of digestive processes. We’ve constantly lauded probiotic supplements for their ability to aid in digestion, and in fact, they’re a key component of our very own Kidney Restore™ supplement so we know all about how wonderful they can be, especially for people living with kidney issues. But a new study has revealed yet another benefit of probiotics specifically for people living with kidney issues.

As it turns out, probiotic supplements are also a good choice for reducing urea in people with kidney problems who are not currently undergoing dialysis. The mechanism behind this purported benefit involves the anti-microbial properties associated with probiotics. Probiotics can thereby prevent the growth of bacteria and normalize intestines in people with kidney problems which is why researchers have seen urea levels decreasing in the people with kidney issues who’ve used it in their treatment.

Patients diagnosed with kidney problems who take probiotics have good results when it comes to reducing urea especially if they also maintain good diets loaded with kidney-friendly foods. This latest research coincides with many other studies undertaken recently which highlight the enormous benefits of probiotic supplementation on kidneys. 

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