Study Shows Soda Pop And Other Sugary Drinks Pose Huge Risk To Kidneys

Soda, or pop as it’s sometimes known, is a type of beverage that provides an extremely concentrated burst of sugar and other chemical flavorings and preservatives that science has told us time after time is unhealthy for so many reasons. It impacts blood sugar making it a non-option for diabetics, it’s awful for teeth, can contribute to weight gain and depending on the beverage, high caffeine content could potentially affect people with underlying heart conditions. Now, another negative side-effect of chronic soda consumption has been revealed.

According to the latest research, high consumption of sweetened fruit drinks, water and soda is linked to the development of chronic kidney disease (CKD) per a study done of African-American adults. Just another finding of how drinking sugar-sweetened beverages has a negative effect on the body.

The study followed a group of African-American men and women with normal kidney function and they found that those who consumed the most soda and sweetened fruit drinks had a higher risk of developing CKD. Another study similarly showed that people who have kidney problems and stopped drinking sweetened drinks found their health had improved.

What this tells us is that excessive consumption of sugary drinks is never a good thing for your health, but this is especially true if you are at risk of developing kidney disease or already have it. What you drink throughout your day typically isn’t focused on as much as other dietary choices, like the foods we eat at meals, but this is a critical oversight that leads to copious amounts of sugars and carbs and other substances flooding your body every day. Always be mindful of what you’re sipping on.

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