Uric Acid May Be Causing Higher Cardiovascular Mortality Rates in CKD Patients

According to a recent analysis, high levels of serum uric acid increase the chance of CV (cardiovascular) mortality in patients with CKD (chronic kidney disease). In this analysis it was found that patients with the highest levels of serum uric acid (SUA) had a 47% greater chance for CV death than those with lower uric acid.

In this first of a kind study it was noted that high uric acid levels might cause inflammation and directly damage vessel walls. The study team also found some heterogeneity which may be related to CV mortality.

High uric acid levels in CKD have been associated with kidney failure and stroke. And in those who don’t have CKD, high uric acid levels are often a precursor to gout and even full-blown chronic kidney disease. One of the best ways to keep your uric acid levels down is to avoid foods and beverages which are high in purines like red and organ meat, certain fish, legumes, beer and other alcoholic beverages. 

Also tantamount to ensuring your uric acid levels are under control is the simple act of making sure you are consistently being tested. Doctors don’t usually check for uric acid levels unless asked to, so be sure to ask and ask often.

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