As Obesity Increases, Kidney Function Declines According To The Latest Study

Obesity has been linked with a number of co-morbid conditions such as heart disease and diabetes, but one of the lesser known and mentioned conditions is an enhanced potential for developing chronic kidney disease.

A new study shows that whether kidney disease already exists or not, kidney function is probably going to get worse with time if a person becomes obese. Adults who are severely obese are twice as much bound to develop bad kidney function than those who are just overweight. Those who are just overweight but not obese have a much lesser chance of developing kidney disease.

Too much weight, especially around the belly, can cause metabolic effects that can cause harm to the kidney making it hard for the body to get rid of extra sugars from the blood and causing diabetes. Inflammation and excessive belly fat can damage kidney function. Excess weight stops the body from moving glucose from the blood into cells and can lead to diabetes.

Weight loss can reverse all these symptoms and therefore reduce chances of kidney disease. According to research, four in ten adults are overweight and at lease one in ten are obese which can also increase the chances of joint disorders, certain cancers, diabetes and heart disease.

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