Soft Drinks & Hard Labor In Hot Weather Could Lead To Kidney Disease

Recent research has shown that drinking caffeinated sugary soft drinks while exercising in hot weather can actually increase your chances of developing kidney disease.

During a study of workers where they were working on a hot day of 95 degrees and exercising while drinking soft drinks, researchers recorded higher levels of creatinine in the blood and a lower glomerular filtration rate-markers for kidney injury.

These changes did not occur in the group who drank water instead. Consuming soft drinks during exercise in the heat is not good for the kidneys. This is not the first recorded report chronicling the perils of overexposure to hotter temperatures and how they can often lead to dehydration, formation of kidney stones and even chronic kidney disease. Coupled with the noted habitual ill effects of consuming sugary soft drinks, which are notoriously unhealthy, this can quickly become a recipe for disaster. 

It’s important to keep in mind, if you work in a highly physically demanding field to periodically take frequent breaks in a cool, air-conditioned location if possible, along with staying hydrated throughout the day with plenty of fresh water. 

Doing these small things could prevent significant health problems like chronic kidney disease from developing. For more information on kidney disease causes and the dangers posed by unhealthy lifestyle habits for those most at risk, be sure to check out some of our articles in the back catalogue and be sure to give us a ‘like’ on FaceBook if you haven’t already!