New Study Revealing Kidneys Self-Repair After Birth Could Help CKD Patients

Scientists working on how to regrow damaged kidneys have found that kidneys in newborns which were blocked had the ability to repair themselves once the obstruction is removed. This finding can help to discover the mechanism by which that happens and therefore how to stimulate similar responses to regenerate kidneys in adults.

This new study observed the results of removing kidney blockages in baby mice and found out how important it is to perform surgery right after birth. They also found that in blocked kidneys when you the obstruction is not removed the vasculature shrinks, but an unobstructed kidney can grow many more branches and grow and regenerate the entire kidney.

Preventing Kidney Damage

When a baby is born with blocked kidneys also known as “obstructive nephropathy” the urinary tract is not fully developed and it can cause serious kidney failure.

Researchers could not believe how fast the newborn mice’s kidneys repaired themselves. In the future they want to concentrate on how the vasculature regenerates. This can be great for all patients dealing with kidney disease.

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