The Latest, Greatest Tea For Kidney Disease…Fu Brick Tea!

In the world of the chronic kidney disease patient, consumption of anything (be it food, beverage or substance) can have serious impacts on your health.  Teas are no exception with certain teas being ranked safer and more beneficial than others for people living with CKD looking to improve their daily diets. One such tea is an ancient Chinese blend known as Fu Brick Tea.

This tea is made using a special traditional fermentation process by the Yi Qing Yuan tea factory in the An Hua county of Hunan province, this tea is known for having a mellow, yet spicy/sweet taste. Fu Brick Tea is made from a type of spore that grows on flowers, it’s usually blended with a flour of some kind so it’s not suitable for persons suffering from gluten allergy, but otherwise it is purported to contain numerous benefits, not the least of which is helping support normal kidney function.

Although research on different teas and their therapeutic effects upon chronic kidney disease is rather limited, there has been some recent research done on Fu Brick Tea, namely its extract and how it eases insulin resistance in obese rats. It was also shown to provide benefit to rats with chronic kidney disease helping to lower blood urea nitrogen and creatinine levels, among many others which are commonly elevated in CKD patients. 

Despite being studied in rats only as of now, this study does provide an initial glimmer of hope that incorporating Fu Brick Tea could offer some significant benefits for those looking to support normal kidney function naturally.

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