Lilies Are Pure Poison For Your Cat’s Kidneys…Keep Them Away!

Experts are warning pet owners about the dangers of letting cats eat lilies as all varieties of the popular flower are lethal to the cat’s kidneys. This is serious, as many pets tend to eat or chew just about anything which comes across their path.

Pet owners who also have plants
need to be especially mindful of where those plants are in terms of those pets. Lilies are beautiful, but highly toxic to cats and can even be fatal.

The entire lily poses a danger to the cat. Signs the cat has been poisoned by such a plant
include sluggishness, drooling, vomiting or a loss of appetite.

If not treated quickly, kidney failure and
death can soon follow. Even if the cat is treated in time, recovery can be time consuming and costly. The best course of action is to prevent access to lilies by simply not keeping them around or keeping them in an area you are certain your cat can not get to. Many cat owners would do well to opt for different alternatives if they desire an ambience which includes plants, such as artificial plants or natural plants safe for cats to munch on like cat grass or catnip.

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