Diabetic Kidney Disease Sufferers May Benefit From Revolutionary New Drug

Those with Type 2 diabetes have a new, revolutionary defense against the damage the disease does to the kidneys. The drug is named canagliflozin and is seen as a major improvement over an
existing therapy, two decades old, designed to protect the kidneys from the damage they sustain from Type 2 diabetes.

Additionally, the drug has also been proven to reduce cardiovascular issues. Also known as diabetic kidney disease, approximately 40 percent of diabetics will develop kidney disease at some point. It is one of the most common causes of chronic kidney disease in the US and is associated with significant obesity and death.

Patients develop kidney problems because of the damage high blood sugar does over a period of time to the blood vessels in the kidneys. In addition, diabetes will also create high blood pressure. This causes stretching and weakening of blood vessels, including those one or around the kidney.

The kidneys are a critical part of the human body. Serving as filters for the blood where toxins and waste are removes and then expelled from the body through urine. Those who suffer from chronic kidney disease have suffered damage to their kidneys and they are no longer able to process this blood.

If they can, it is at greatly reduced levels and not enough for a healthy life. If the kidneys are not able to process blood, the toxins and wastes build up in the blood. Damage to organs follows and eventually death.

The trial utilized 4401 patients from 34 countries. Participants were renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system, or RAAS, blockade which is already considered the best treatment possible. RAAS blockade lowers blood pressure, though patients are still at high risk for kidney and cardiovascular disease.

Half of these patients were randomly picked to go on the canagliflozin. The other half received the RAAS and a placebo. Researchers found those who took canagliflozin were 30 percent less likely than the placebo group to develop kidney failure or die from either kidney failure or cardiovascular problems. The risk of kidney failure went down 34 percent and the risk of cardiovascular issues were reduced to 31 percent.

Canagliflozin, a pill, causes increased excretion of glucose through a person’s kidneys. The drug has already been approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

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