CKD Doesn’t Stop At Your Kidneys, Cardiovascular Deaths Are On The Rise

There is a known relation between chronic kidney disease (CKD) and cardiovascular disease and death. Worse, the treatments for CKD are not very good at preventing death from cardiovascular issues.

CKD patients are 17 times more likely to suffer from cardiovascular death in cases where they are at end-stage renal disease and have a life expectancy of around five or six years.

The kidneys are the human body’s filters of the blood, removing waste products which are then excreted through urine. In CKD, one or both kidneys have reduced function or have lost their function. As a result toxins and waste begin to build up in the blood causing organ damage and eventually organ failure.

Doctors are warning patients to limit the amount of meat they eat particularly red meat because of the high carnitine content, and should avoid egg yolk if they have reduced kidney function. Animal proteins have toxic metabolites with adverse cardiovascular effects which are normally eliminated through the kidneys.

But, in cases of those with reduced kidney function, those toxins are not being eliminated and can build up in the system. For more information on other situations and complications possible when confronting CKD, be sure to keep up with all across social media.




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