Is Kidney Disease Upsetting Your Brain Function? Science Says, Probably…

New research has is showing some of the effects chronic kidney disease is having on the cognitive functions. Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a disease where the kidneys work at a reduced level or do not work at all. It is usually caused as a complication due to diabetes, but can be caused by other conditions and injuries as well.

The kidneys are the human body’s blood filters and remove toxins and waste from the blood stream. If these toxins and waste build up over time, they can cause organ damage.

415 patients in an Italian community-dwelling were examined as researchers searched for a link between kidney function, cognitive performance, functional abilities and mood. These individuals did not have dementia and were the oldest of the population. They looked at glomerular filtration rate in these individuals and used various research models to determine the for-mentioned links.

Researchers found greater basic and instrumental function issues with individuals who had CKD or just reduced kidney function. For more information on what you can do to help your cognitive function while also dealing with chronic kidney disease be sure to subscribe to the mailing list.