Excess Phosphate Could Cause Premature Aging In CKD Patients

There is some new research on how phosphate increases the effects of aging. Mice who have this mutation develop, within four weeks of age, develop conditions including atrophy of multiple organs, vascular calcification, cardiac hypertrophy and cognitive impairment. These mice were found to be retaining phosphate as they were not excreting it.

Mice who possessed an obscure mutant strain called klotho which causes premature aging syndrome were placed on a reduced phosphate diet. As a result of this, the mice did not develop hyperphosphatemia nor did they produce the aging-like phenotypes.

Scientists have known for a while phosphate causes accelerated aging. In patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) maintaining normal phosphate levels is a problem. In the cases of these patients, their phosphate levels tend to be too high.

As a result, they have to avoid food which have phosphates in
them. The kidneys are the human body’s filters of the blood, removing waste products which are then excreted through urine. In CKD, one or both kidneys have reduced function or have lost their function. As a result toxins and waste begin to build up in the blood causing organ damage and eventually organ failure.

About 1% of the world’s population suffers from CKD. This disease often occurs as a complication of diabetes, hypertension or a result of aging. Higher phosphate levels in these individuals can result in vascular calcification, arterial stiffness and inflammation. Just as in the mice, these patients suffer from a similar type of advanced aging. the increased amounts of phosphate in their blood cause the vascular calcification, cardiac hypertrophy, and increased mortality. And just like in the mice, reducing the amount of phosphate decreases the affects and improves their quality of life. If you’d like more information about steps you can take to improve your life with kidney disease, be sure to keep up with us all across social media.




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