Chronic Kidney Disease Could Increase Prostate & Other Cancer Rates

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is bad enough at it is. Aside from the sickness and its symptoms, such as fatigue, high blood pressure and irregular heart rhythms, the patient, according to a new study, may have cancer to deal with.

A new study shows patients with stage 3 CKD have an increased risk of developing several kinds of cancer, including prostate cancer. The kidneys filter the blood, removing toxins and waste through urine. CKD is a failure of the kidneys and results in the build up of these toxins and wastes in the patient’s blood.

Over time, the build up causes organ damage and even failure. Researchers looked at patients in the Stockholm Creatinine Measurements (SCREAM) project, 719,033 Swedes ages 40 or older with no previous cancer history. In a follow-up five years later, they
found 64,319 cases of cancer. They found decreased glomerular filtration rates increased the risk of cancer between 8% to 24%.

Researchers noted the SCREAM project did not have information on tobacco and alcohol use. In addition, they did not have patients information on physical activity, diet, and blood/urine tests, which effects the final conclusion of these results.