Too Much Protein In Pet Foods Could Be Furthering Kidney Damage In Dogs With CKD

A new study is showing not every brand of dog food is all that nutritious for a dog. The study found 20 brands may not be meeting nutritional requirements and may even have ingredients which are harmful to dogs. Additionally, they found as many as 30 percent of all food brands do not even show the amount of salt levels, possibly leading some pet owners to believe they do not contain salt.

Some pet foods have high meat content which contain a large amount of protein. While that may seem good for a healthy dog, it is not good for a dog with kidney or liver problems. Salt, though it adds flavor, can be very harmful to the dog in high dosages.

Dogs are omnivores and evolved to eat most foods, though there are still some they need to stay away from. The dog’s diet should consist of up to 25 percent of proteins which can come from chicken, beef, turkey, lamb and soy beans. Not all fats are bad, but the intake must be limited. The dog must also be given the opportunity to exercise. The first step is talking to your veterinarian about what your dog should eat.

If your dog is suffering from chronic kidney disease, diet’s importance in ensuring they retain as much of their kidney function as possible cannot be underestimated. Take a look at some of our older pet articles and be sure to peruse our shop for some amazing pet kidney supplements they’re sure to love!