Detecting Kidney Disease…With Your Phone?

An Israeli company has a new smartphone based urinalysis system which can detect chronic kidney disease. Cleared by the FDA, tests have already proven positive and increased the detection rates among study participants who had not tested positive for chronic kidney disease (CKD).

The ability to detect CKD so early, when few to no symptoms are showing in diabetics is expected to have great health benefits as well as economic ones for the patient. The kidneys are the body’s filters of the bloodstream, removing waste and toxins from the blood and allowing the body to expel them through urine.

When the kidneys are unable to do this for a long period of time, the person has chronic kidney disease. The wastes and toxins build up in the bloodstream and can begin to damage and destroy other organs as well as cause a person to develop diabetes. 1 out of ten adults are currently suffering from it.

Patients using the ACR Home Based Urine Test Kit and special smartphone app to scan the ACR test strips at home. The objective of the tests was to detect Albumin, a Protein, in the urine while patients were in the early stages of diabetes to avoid CKD complications.

In the study, 70% of the 2,196 patients in the study who were issued ACR home test kits completed the test. The results showed 10% of those individuals had elevated cases of protein, indicating the early stages of CKD. For more of the latest news in CKD and innovative developments regarding identification, prevention and treatment please be sure to watch some of our videos on YouTube.