New Combination Treatment For Diabetic Kidney Disease Proves Safe & Effective

A new study shows Tripterygium wilfordii Hook (TwH) combined with angiotensin receptor blockers/ACE inhibitors (ARB/ACEI) is an effective treatment for diabetic kidney disease (DKD) stage IV. Researchers search China National Knowledge Internet, the name for the Chinese Biomedical Database for information on the use of TwH combined with ARB/ACEI in the treatment of DKD stage IV.

Serving as filters for the blood where toxins and waste are removes and then expelled from the body through urine. Those who suffer from chronic kidney disease (CKD) have suffered damage to their kidneys and they are no longer able to process this blood. If they can, it is at greatly reduced levels and not enough for a healthy life.

If the kidneys are not able to process blood, the toxins and wastes build up in the blood. Damage to organs follows and eventually death. One of the major causes of CKD are complications from diabetes. Looking at 22 randomized controlled trials, having 1414 participants total showed TWH combined with ARB/ACEI in treating DKD stage IV is better than ARB/ACEI alone.

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