Plant-Rich Diet Offers Numerous Benefits For Kidney Disease Sufferers

At Healthy Kidney Inc., we’ve long touted the abundant benefits of adopting a predominantly (or exclusively) vegetarian diet especially if you’d dealing with chronic kidney disease at any stage. A new study has offered yet more proof on the value of a plant based diet and how they can benefit kidneys have come to light. Scientists are saying eating a plant based diet, while helping the rest of the body may also provide some protection for the kidneys. 14,686 middle-aged adults were canalized by researchers from John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, the adults being enrolled in the Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities study.

During the follow-ups over 24 years, 4,343 cases of chronic kidney disease out of the 14,686 adults were diagnosed. Those who highly adhered to a plant based diet had a 14% lower risk of developing the condition. Those who had a high adherence to a less healthy plant-based diet had an 11% higher risk of developing chronic kidney disease.

Those patients who had a normal weight at the start of the study had an especially pronounced association between the plant-based diets and chronic kidney disease risk.

Researchers found generally a high adherence to a healthy plant-based diet was associated with slower kidney function decline. If you’d like to learn more about how to best apply natural remedies and the best kidney diets to your situation, be sure to find us on Twitter!