Resveratrol May Provide Protection Against Potential Kidney Damage

Resveratrol are thought to act like antioxidants as they can provide your body with some protection against damage. The damage they possibly protect against is damage which could result in conditions including cancer and heart disease.

Resveratrol can be found in the skin of red grapes, peanuts and berries. Already in use as a supplement, the resveratrol in capsule form is usually derived from and Asian plant named polygonum cuspidatum. Possible benefits of resveratrol include anti-aging properties and immune system boosting capabilities. It is thought to help lower inflammation of the heart, lower LDL, the bad cholesterol and decrease the amount of clots in the blood vessels which cause heart attacks.

There is some information to suggest this can stop the spread can cancer cells and even kill them. Other research suggests resveratrol might protect nerve cells and fight plaque build up in the brain which can lead to Alzheimer’s. Some research suggests this can also prevent insulin resistance. It should be noted that there is still a great deal of ongoing research into resveratrol and its potential benefits for people.

Some of these studies have already shown hope for those suffering from kidney disease. Chronic kidney disease is an illness which will change a person’s life. As the name implies, it is a disease effecting the function of the kidneys. The kidneys are responsible for filtering the bloodstream and removing toxins and waste products. They transfer these wastes into the urine where they can be expelled.

When a person falls ill with chronic kidney disease the organs lose the ability to filter the urine or can only do so at a very reduced level. There is no cure for this condition and a person must make serious life changes simply to manage this condition.

In studies using rats with drug induced kidney damage, researchers have found resveratrol had some very positive affects. First, nephrotoxicity, the poisonous effects of substances on kidneys, was reduced considerably. Researchers saw the kidneys healing of the damaged tissue and a dramatic reduction of signs in oxidant injury.

Another research team found it protected chemotherapy patients against cisplatin, a powerful drug which is known to damage kidneys while fighting cancer. Other researchers found pretreating test animals with resveratrol prevented damage from chemotherapy drugs. For more of the latest breakthroughs in natural preventative and treatment aids for those living with chronic kidney disease, be sure to have a look at our FaceBook if you haven’t already.