Experts Stress The Importance Of Annual Vet Physicals To ID Kidney Disease Signs In Pets

Experts are warning kidney disease in pets can go unnoticed if they do not receive their annual examination. Kidneys fulfill a vital role in the life of the pet. Just as in human, animal kidneys filter the blood, removing waste and toxins and allow the body to expel them through urine. In addition, they control blood pressure and create various hormones and enzymes. They’re also responsible for maintaining fluid balance, and electrolytes, such as sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium.

During physicals, veterinarians perform various tests on the pet. These include blood and urine tests which measure important things like the serum creatinine and blood urea nitrogen levels. When the kidneys are not doing their jobs, however, these two substances collect in he blood. If these substances are detected, the pet is classified in a four stage system developed by the International Renal Interest Society (IRIS).

This system helps determine how to proceed next with treating the pet. Whether in humans or in pets, chronic kidney disease has a tenancy to sneak up on the patient. In pets, the first sign of trouble is when they begin drinking and urinating more frequently. Other signs include selective eating, loss of appetite and, in cats, blindness. The blindness can be caused by high blood pressure, which is another dead give away of renal issues. High blood pressure can cause damage to other organs such as the central nervous system.

Without a cure for chronic kidney disease, it is important for the pet owner to know the appropriate measures to take for the care of their pet. Diets low in protein and rehydration with balanced fluids. Medications will be needed to manage blood pressure.

Other treatment options can be expensive or impossible. Dialysis is very costly and transplant is not readily available for pets. Additionally, pets will need to see the veterinarian much more often and intervals will be determined by the veterinarian. The severity of the disease and the amount of care they get, as well as owner vigilance will determine how long they live. For some of the best natural kidney supplements for cats and dogs, check out our pet products available right here in our shop.