The Critical Role Diet Plays in Managing Kidney Disease in Cats and Dogs

Kidney disease effects a growing number of dogs and a dramatically high percentage of cats (especially seniors) each year and when it comes to any disease, but especially diseases like CKD that effect the body’s filtration of minerals derived from food, it  goes without saying that diet makes a huge impact.

In cases of chronic kidney disease, veterinary care is crucial and investing in a trustworthy, responsive and thorough veterinarian is going to go a long way in benefiting your pet’s health. A quality veterinary professional will understand the value of diet when it comes to treating kidney problems in your cat or dog. They will likely recommend a specialized therapeutic diet specifically for the kidneys.

Unfortunately, a good vet is only part of the equation. The other part really boils down to you as a pet parent and how mindful you are to their instructions. It’s important to research what your pet is going through, but don’t make the mistake of forgoing a veterinarian’s dietary recommendation in favor of a commercial brand that may be a bit less pricey and alleges kidney benefits. Many of these claims can be misleading and only offer minimal benefit, if any.