Gout Can Increase Risk Of Going Back On Dialysis for Transplant Candidates

A new study is warning about new risks for kidney transplant candidates. The risk of transplant complications and return to maintenance hemodialysis, usually called dialysis, increases significantly when gout sets in.

One study looked at 6085 transplant patients; 909 contracted gout before a transplant and 595 who contracted it afterward. Patients who contracted gout had a 28% higher risk of transplant related
complications. Those who had new onset gout, had a 50.9% chance of post-transplant complications.

Those who developed gout after the transplant where also more likely to experience problems. These problems included graft failure at a rate of 16.2%.

Another study included a death rate. Between 2008 to 2016, patients who developed new-onset gout where 7% of a 21,553 member group. Of that percentage, 19% died and 11% were back on dialysis within 6 months after transplant.

Patients who developed post-transplant gout were at a 38% higher risk rate. For more info about the issues concerning transplant candidates, read our entire backlog of articles and get informed today!