Scientists Say CKD Sufferers Need To Skip The Salt!

Scientists are warning about the dangers of salt intake for those suffering from chronic kidney disease. The kidneys are the body’s blood filters, removing waste material from the blood and allowing
the waste to be excreted through urine. If the kidneys are damaged or impaired in any way, the waste materials build up in the blood.

This can cause illness, organ damage and eventually death. Countless studies have shown that salt in the diet causes an increase in blood pressure. One of the major causes of chronic kidney disease is the ingestion of too much salt in the diet in those already at risk of the illness.

Blood pressure increases significantly as a result of chronic kidney disease, so it is important to keep this as low as possible. So important is this link, scientists are beginning to consider this as part of non-pharmaceutical based chronic kidney disease management strategies.

But, while lowering dietary salt is essential for those suffering from the condition, many have a hard time sticking to such diets. Scientists are concerned that patients who are at risk for chronic kidney disease or who are suffering from the condition are not getting the education they need.

Another concern is that primary healthcare physicians are not checking to see if patients are adhering to the diets. Not adhering to the diets can make a bad situation much worse. Sacrificing salt, doesn’t necessarily mean you need to sacrifice flavor. Mrs. Dash offers sodium-free seasonings, lemon juice, vinegar, herbs and spices are all suitable alternatives that can zest up any meal without causing further damage to the kidneys. For more information about diet, please have a look at our Complete Guide to Renal Diet Plans and Cookbooks.