Are Walnuts Safe For Kidney Disease Patients?

A new study has been conducted on patients with chronic kidney disease to examine the safety of consuming walnuts. Kidneys filter the blood, removing waste products and toxins and allow the body to expel those things through urine. When the function of these organs are reduced or they are disabled, the condition is called chronic kidney disease.

Those with chronic kidney disease suffer from a variety of symptoms, including fatigue. It also leaves them vulnerable to conditions like diabetes. The study was done to assess the physiological effects on chronic kidney disease patients. Tests measured their levels of phosphorous, potassium, PTH, and FGF23.

Additionally, they were attempting to assess the short-term cardiovascular benefits of daily walnut consumption. 13 patients were examined. The tests were not blinded and lasted 30 days.

The results showed walnut consumption had no change of phosphorous, potassium, PTH, and FGF23. Daily consumption of walnuts may provide some cardiovascular benefits. For more information about what you should and shouldn’t eat if you’re dealing with chronic kidney disease, be sure to check out the Complete Guide to Renal Diet Plans & Cookbooks.