A Potato A Day Could Keep Kidney Disease At Bay?

An upcoming clinical trial seeks to examine what’s known as ‘resistant starch,’ a key component of raw potato which is at the forefront of Canadian research into the ongoing fight against chronic kidney disease.

The initiative is University of Manitoba Associate Professor of Community Health Sciences’ brainchild, coming out of one of the world’s leading chronic kidney disease research centers, the Chronic Disease Innovation Centre at Seven Oaks General Hospital.

Current estimates have placed the number of Manitobans with chronic kidney disease at upwards of 130,000. CKD is a progressive illness resulting in the kidneys losing their ability to filter toxins from the blood, among other important functions, the condition often leads to end-stage kidney disease. Manitoba tops Canada with a nearly 25% higher incidence of kidney failure. In the worst cases, this results in dialysis and death.

A subsequent Manitoba-based study has already shown numerous benefits: blood-glucose level management, reduced insulin resistance, an increase in good bacteria and a decrease in bad bacteria.

The study will ideally be able to discern whether or not the starch is able to reduce a toxin produced by certain bacteria when proteins are consumed. This toxin is absorbed by the body, and that puts additional pressure on the kidneys. The logic behind this, according to Mackay, is that a resistant starch can provide a different fuel for those bacteria which is a ‘cleaner burning fuel.’

The study is on-going but could benefit kidneys as well as numerous other chronic ailments of an inflammatory nature. If you’re interested in a prebiotic and probiotic blend renowned for helping support normal kidney function, check out our very own Kidney Restore and Kidney Restore for Cats & Dogs!