Mediterranean Diet A Must For Kidney Transplant Recipients

New research is showing that adhering to the Mediterranean diet may help kidney transplant patients with preserving their graft function. The study looked at 632 Dutch kidney transplant patients
with grafts lasting more than a year. 76 experienced failure, 119 patients suffered functional decline and 181 suffered graft loss over 5.4 years. Patients were questioned regarding their diet during this time and the Mediterranean diet was found to be beneficial to graft patients.

Results showed patients on the Mediterranean diet has a 32% decreased risk of graft failure, a 32% decreased risk of kidney function decline, and a 26% less chance of graft loss. The Mediterranean diet is based off they way those who lived in the Mediterranean region are known to traditionally eat. This diet includes fresh produce, whole grains, and legumes, as well as some fats and fish.

Those who choose to eat according to this diet have a few basic guidelines. A wide variety of vegetables, fresh fruits and whole grains are a good start. Dieters are also advised to eat nuts, seeds and olive oil. Dairy and fish can be consumed, but in moderate amounts. Dieters are to consume very little white meat and red meat, few eggs and red wine in moderation. For more information about the best diet to follow if you have had a transplant be sure to check out our diet plan guide available in the shop.