The Latest On Coffee And Kidneys Is Welcome News For Caffeine Fiends

New studies have shown coffee may help reduce a person’s risk of developing chronic kidney disease (CKD). The kidneys are the filters of the blood, removing the wastes and toxins which build up from normal body functions.

These wastes and toxins are then expelled from the body through the urine. A person who has reduced or no kidney function over a significant period is said to have chronic kidney disease.

Looking at four studies containing a total of 25,849 people, researchers found those who drank coffee had a 13% decreased risk of CKD compared with those who did not. Additionally, they found those who drank at least one cup of coffee a day had a 14% decreased risk of CKD.

Scientists believe this is related to anti-oxidative effects of coffee. Atherosclerotic injury to kidneys tends to be one of the main reasons for CKD, according to researchers. Numerous studies have had differing conclusions regarding the effect of coffee on kidney health, but as with all things, if moderation is exercised, there’s no reason coffee can’t be a small part of a healthy kidney diet protocol.