Can I Eat Fried Chicken In My Kidney Disease Diet ?

Fried chicken is a dish beloved by many. For some, it’s a special-occasion indulgence while for others, particularly those fond of Southern-style cuisine, it’s a staple in the family cookbook. Chronic kidney disease, however, forces you to re-think every food you put in your body. Although it can be emotionally jarring to have to say good-bye to long-cherished foods, the alternative can mean dire consequences for your kidneys. 

Researchers have consistently shown that a diet incorporating regular fried food, such as friend chicken, consumption can cause a whopping 50% increase in death rates over a 6-year period for kidney disease sufferers.

The reason for such a dramatic spike stems from the kidneys’ inability to effectively filter out harmful fats when they are simultaneously struggling with kidney disease.  Chronic kidney disease sufferers simply experience greater difficulty when it comes to filtering out all these unhealthy byproducts.

Although the rate of kidney disease mortality for those consuming fried foods including friend chicken is staggering, luckily, the opposite is also true. If a person with kidney disease adopts a healthy kidney diet, that is, a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables while also avoiding fried, processed and artificial foods, they can experience a nearly 25% reduction in their risk of mortality. 

Research has long sought to pinpoint the reason why some regions of the U.S. have such poor prognoses regarding a variety of health issues and, unfortunately, Southern-style cuisine has been correlated to increases in kidney disease prevalence, stroke, heart disease, sepsis and more.

Many of the foods commonly associated with Southern-style cooking are not only deep-fried, they’re also loaded with salt and phosphorous, all of which make for a perfect storm when it comes to harmful kidney toxins.

It’s difficult to feel as though everything you used to enjoy is suddenly being ripped away, this can understandably contribute to the higher depression rates in CKD sufferers as well, but it’s important to not feel too dismayed.

Although necessary changes will have to be made, there are plenty of scrumptious recipes for CKD sufferers to enjoy that won’t jeopardize their health. Consider baked vegetarian chicken or tofu. Instead of over-using seasonings like salt, consider utilizing a salt-free seasoning that is still rich in flavor, like Mrs. Dash. 

The way in which one prepares their food is also going to be an important factor in supporting normal kidney function for as long as possible. Deep fried foods are exposed to extreme amounts of heat in oils. Consider alternate methods of cooking your food such as lightly grilling, baking, broiling or even just incorporating more fresh foods that don’t even require preparation.

Paying closer attention to the things you consume is ultimately such a small price to pay for better kidney health and quality of life, and we certainly encourage anyone dealing with their own CKD struggle to consistently monitor their diets and change what may no longer be best for them. Your kidneys will thank you! 

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Alternatives Recipes For Fried Chicken and Kidney Disease

1. Sautéing

Sautéing is essentially ‘light frying.’ It’s a healthier alternative to deep frying chicken and is a satisfying way to enjoy your chicken, along with several other kidney-friendly vegetables like peppers, celery, onions and leached potatoes. 

To sauté, one would pour 1-3 tablespoons of oil into a sauté pan, place over high heat adding food when the pan becomes hot and then tossing the food lightly. That’s it, couldn’t be simpler! You can also use a low-sodium broth to make a sauce for your sauté afterwards.

2. Baking

Another great, kidney-friendly cooking method you can us to enjoy your chicken is oven baking which helps to lock in juices and can also give you that crispy texture you’re craving.  

We also did a video to accompany this article, so be sure to take a look at that latest video for more information on fried chicken and kidney disease. And if you are new to kidney disease and feel completely lost when it comes to adopting a new, healthy kidney diet for yourself, be sure to check out our Complete Guide to Renal Diet Plans and Cookbooks for the most thorough, comprehensive kidney diet compendium on the market today!