Is Alkaline Water Good For Chronic Kidney Disease? Alkaline Water & Kidney Disease

In today’s post, Robert elaborates on how safe alkaline water can be for kidney disease sufferers. Over the past couple of decades, countless individuals have shifted to alkaline water in the hopes to neutralize the acid in their bloodstream. While some believe that alkaline water is a healthier choice than plain water, others say it slows down your aging. But are these results the same for people dealing with chronic kidney disease?

The ‘alkaline’ in alkaline water refers to its pH level. A pH level is a number that measures how acidic or alkaline a substance is on a scale of 0 to 14. Alkaline water is water that has a higher pH above 7. Throughout history, water has always been neutral or acidic when exposed to air. Neutral being under 7 and basic being above 7. 

Alkaline water is a fairly new product in the water selling business. However, it has now gained phenomenal ground and can easily be found in local supermarkets. 

As of today, there isn’t solid research to educate people about the long term effects of drinking alkaline water. Various studies often reveal short-term benefits. However, for people living with CKD, you must know what you’re getting yourself into. 

If you’re planning to alkalize your body, you’re going to benefit more by consuming an alkaline diet which usually consists of more fruits and vegetables that are kidney-friendly. If needed, you may use delayed-release sodium bicarbonate to alkalize your body. 

Drinking alkaline water with kidney disease would be considered safe if you maintain a decent amount of intake; around 8 oz a day to not create any issues. People have shared hundreds of ways to alkalize on the internet, but not all of the information is actually reliable. 

If you plan to alkalize your water in the easiest way, you can just take a small portion of sodium bicarbonate and sprinkle into your water. That in itself will help alkalize your water. When you drink a lot of alkaline water, you may throw off some pH in your body. Within the body, there are various pH levels so the stomach, in general, is very acidic. Its acidic nature helps break down any minerals and protein, kill bacteria or fungus, etc.

Intaking extreme amounts of alkaline water on a daily basis may upset your stomach and may also make you feel lethargic. 

Drinking a bottle of alkaline water every other day won’t significantly affect your body. However, if you drink a gallon of alkaline water daily, your body has to work hard to maintain its pH and that means that over time, your body will produce more gastric juices and digestive enzymes.

If you have kidney disease, chronic kidney disease (CKD), 6 oz to 8 oz a day is acceptable. Drinking regular water with that should keep you in good shape. People don’t know yet the long term effects of alkaline water as it has not been studied for that long.

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