Apple Cider Vinegar and Kidney Stones

In today’s video, we address the key areas of apple cider vinegar and dissolving kidney stones. Very few on the internet claim this vinegar to help remove kidney stones but there has been no strong research in this field.


Apple cider vinegar is totally safe to include in your CKD diet. Some even use it in their salad dressings for added flavor. However, there no real research in the National Library of Medicine, which published countless studies from all over the world. For this topic, we never came across any studies that strongly confirmed that apple cider vinegar dissolved kidney disease.


Looking at this from a more logical research perspective makes more sense as there aren’t any characteristics in apple cider vinegar that would magically flush down kidney stones. We do not suggest trying this method to get rid of kidney stones.


A more promising approach to dissolve kidney stones is by trying black seed oil capsules, 500mg each. It’s the herb called ‘nigella sativa’, also known as black seed oil. A study published by the Phytotherapy Research Journal in March 2019 revealed many critical benefits. The participants took 500mg capsules twice a day. About 44% of the people in the study were able to pass down a kidney stone and those who had bigger stones managed to shrink the kidney stones.


Nonetheless, to help get rid of kidney stones, black seed oil capsules are definitely worth a try. You can start by taking 500mg(each capsule) of black seed oil capsules, two times a day. Always check with your doctor before getting on any medications.



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