5 Treatments For Kidney Disease In Cats Completely Natural





Kidney disease and failure in cats are very common and can be caused by a number of conditions. Healthy kidneys are very useful when it comes to eliminating waste from the blood, regulate calcium and hydration, and manage blood pressure. In chronic kidney failure in cats, nutrition is very important for a steady recovery in their health. Some symptoms of kidney failure are weakness, lack of appetite, depression, bad breath, weight loss, and many more.

In order to treat chronic kidney disease in cats, there are many nutritional requirements in order to optimize their kidney health. Robert suggests that your cat increases their intake of water. He mentions you could change their water several times a day, clean their bowl daily, and consider using running water to increase water interest. Limiting phosphorus in cats with kidney disease appears to really help delay the progression of the disease.

Robert recommends a therapeutic diet that is made for kidney disease for your car and that you add probiotics into their diet. It gets rid of wasteful toxins and helps reduce the workload on the kidneys. He also mentions checking their minerals and recommends antioxidants. Antioxidants help reverse any type of cell damage in the kidneys. Antioxidants come from any source of vitamin c or can come from any other high-quality multi-vitamin. 

Antioxidant support is crucial in your cat’s diet and Robert mentions that you should watch their acid and alkaline balance. To balance this, you can give them an alkalizer, potassium, or sodium bicarb. His product, Kidney Restore For Cats And Dogs contains a healthy amount of niacinamide, which is very beneficial for your pet’s kidney health. 


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