How to Lower Creatinine Levels in Dogs | Lower Creatinine in Dogs With Kidney Restore

How to Lower Creatinine Levels in Dogs | Lower Creatinine in Dogs With Kidney Restore

This video is about how to lower creatinine levels in dogs with kidney disease. We have a lot of videos about this in which I talk about how you want to lower protein in their diet. You want to get a kidney friendly renal diet for your dog.

One thing I want to talk about here is you’ve got to give your dog supplements if you really want to improve or at least stabilize their quality of life. Here at HealthyKidney Inc. we have two great products here for dogs and cats but for dogs in particular, because we have a higher compliance rate with dogs. They take things easier than cats. So our flagship product here is Kidney Restore for Cats and Dogs. We’ve got over a thousand reviews online about this product so you can look it up. You can go on Amazon we have 700 reviews there, as well as on  different websites like ebay. You can see what people’s experiences with their pets are with this product, and how it greatly supports kidney health.

It helps lower the creatinine in many many animals but even if it doesn’t lower the carotid, at least it can stabilize stop or slow down that loss of kidney function. It’s a great product to try. What makes it so good is the seven different probiotics in here, unlike other kidney products out there for cats and dogs that only have maybe two or three types of probiotics. We have seven. Why? Because we know that different probiotics eat up different toxins and help support kidney health in different ways.

So we have seven in there and then we have over 50 billion probiotics. That’s not a small amount, that’s a very large amount. We also have a little little bit of sodium bicarb in there. Now, don’t worry when you hear sodium you think “oh my god sodium.” No, it’s sodium bicarbonate–mostly bicarbonate which is an excellent great therapeutic for dogs and cats that have kidney issues because what it does is takes away acid buildup of the kidney. The amount of sodium is such a small dose that you don’t have to worry about any complications with sodium. There is less than a milligram that’s actually in there, so it’s almost nothing.

We also have Niacin-amide– an excellent phosphorus binder. In my opinion it’s the best phosphorus binder because you’re not using aluminum which is a toxic metal. Niacin not just drastically lowers that phosphorus level, it also helps the heart. It’s great for cholesterol. We know heart complications are very common in dogs with kidney issues. Thats why we have camu camu,  a superfood for a little bit of vitamin c to support the antioxidants. We have phos as a prebiotic to help those probiotics grow and consume more of those kidney toxins.

This really is an excellent product that you want to give a try. See what other people have said online. Worst case scenario is you can always send it back or it doesn’t work. The number one problem we have is that pets may not want to take their supplement. Another option is to syringe feed them. No one likes a syringe feed, but you got to do what’s best for your family member.