Baking Soda and Kidneys? Is Baking Soda Good For Kidneys? | What Baking Soda to Take and How it Helps

Baking Soda and Kidneys? Is Baking Soda Good For Kidneys? | What Baking Soda to Take and How it Helps

Today we’re discussing baking soda and kidneys–What is it? How does it helps your kidneys? Should you take it? And everything else about baking soda.

So baking soda is sodium bicarbonate. Now, sodium bicarbonate/baking soda you often find in powder form in supermarkets. You put it in your fridge to help deodorize it and use it around your house. However, baking soda is shown to have tremendous kidney benefits. It is even shown to really help neutralize a lot of the acid buildup. The kidneys are responsible for the acid-base balance also called the acid alkaline balance. They’re always keeping these numbers and these ratios in range.

Anytime you have any type of poor kidney health or compromised kidney function, you want to get rid of the acid. That acid makes the kidney work harder and makes it work overdrive. You can think of it like your car. If you just ran that engine real hard and were always rough on that car, it’s not going to last long. The same principle applies with your body. Your kidneys always have to keep taking care of that acid buildup on a consistent basis. If you have a bad diet you even have more acid build up so sodium bicarbonate baking soda neutralizes the acid to help support good kidney health.

You can use baking soda if you like. Now, the problem with baking soda is it doesn’t taste that great. It’s not as pure as other forms of sodium bicarbonate that are meant to get ingested, but you can use it. How much you use depends on where your current kidney health is and what you’re trying to accomplish. Always start small okay, but you may need more later. You don’t want to take a lot at first. You could start out with a half teaspoon to one teaspoon.

The other option is to take baking soda or sodium bicarbonate pills. The pills are a better option because they are easier to take and they’re more clean.  They’re purified and they’re free of toxins which possibly may be in powder forms. That has been the standard forever to support kidney health is ideally you should use those sodium bicarbonate pills. The issue is is that sometimes you need a lot of them to get the desired effect because sodium bicarbonate neutralizes stomach acid so when that baking soda is neutralized by stomach acid there’s less there. A lot of people are afraid of sodium bicarbonate because they hear sodium, but it’s actually a very small amount of sodium. It’s not enough sodium to really cause any issues with salt retention unless you got to take a lot of pills which some people might need to. Some people may need to take like six to nine pills of sodium bicarbonate to support good kidney health. That’s something you got to decide with the people that are on your team to help your kidney health.

If you’re looking to support kidney health, the other option for baking soda is using a delayed release formula. Our company here at healthy kidney inc makes a delayed release formula of sodium bicarbonate called Kidney Restore. This is our top seller and it’s done great things to help support kidney health. We got over a thousand reviews on amazon which you can go check. Now this has a special capsule that we’re in a licensing deal with the company that allows it to be delayed released. Therefore, none of it gets neutralized by your stomach acid so your body gets more of it, and your kidneys get more of it to help support better kidney health.

It also has probiotics to help support kidney health. It has a little niacin prebiotics to help the probiotics grow and help the elimination of all those toxins. Another option is our sister company called Bio Wisdom Nutraceuticals, which used to be called Nature’s Path. We still have a product there called Bicarb Boost which is delayed release formula. It’s 650 milligrams which is equivalent to one pill, except it’s delayed release. It avoids a lot of the negative effects of baking soda like upset stomach by neutralizing stomach acid. This can affect mineral vitamin absorption so  you may want to avoid this if you’re looking to get a lot of baking soda to help support kidney health. Take a look at Bicarb Boost– it’s available on amazon. You can also call us or order from our website at

Those are your options with baking soda aka  sodium bicarbonate and supporting good kidney health. We hope this makes sense and you understand it.