Thanksgiving and Kidney Disease: 4 Tips to Protect Kidneys Against Damage From Thanksgiving Foods

Thanksgiving and Kidney Disease: 4 Tips to Protect Kidneys Against Damage From Thanksgiving Foods

Today’s video is about Thanksgiving and kidney disease, and what you can do to help protect your kidneys from eating a lot of the foods you don’t normally eat.

If you’re looking about videos about having a kidney friendly thanksgiving, you should pick another video because we’re not really going to discuss that here. There’s a lot of other videos on that. This video is going under the assumption that it’s a time of the year where you tend to overeat, where most people tend to overeat and drink things they don’t eat normally.

So how are we gonna protect our kidney from all that sodium, protein, and phosphorus? That’s what this video is about. Thanks for watching. So hopefully you have a good thanksgiving and you’re spending it with people you want to. So, you know that you’re going to overeat and you’re going to have a lot more sodium protein fats. Maybe you’re going to drink alcohol or drinks sugary beverages. We know that this can damage the kidney especially a large amount at one time. We know this shows kidney damage because you’re just hitting that kidney with so much to do, so much toxin, so much acid buildup, from all those animal proteins and acidic foods. So, we want to protect that kidney. What can you do?

First, everything we’re talking about here is done the day before, the day of, and day after. If you see the video on the day of thanksgiving that’s fine you do it that day.

What you want to do is make sure you take all your meds, take your phosphorus binders. This is very important, but get a little sodium bicarbonate aka baking soda. If you don’t take it, take a little. If you do take it, take a little more because that will blunt all the acid buildup that’s coming in from all those acidic foods. So do that day before, day of,  and day after, and longer. If you’re going to eat a lot of other healthier foods, two supplements to take are vitamin c and vitamin e– one pill each day before thanksgiving, day of, day after etc.

Now what vitamin e and vitamin c do is they are shown to blunt the effects of the high fats, the high fat diets, the high fat foods, that are coming in. That’s going to help your body, help your kidneys, and protect from some of that antioxidant cell damage that comes along with all that. Also hydration is important. Drink a lot so you keep urinating. So, whatever’s coming in from all those foods you can get rid of it a lot a lot of it through urinating.

Do those four things and you’re going to help protect your kidneys. There’s more things you can do, you can take coq10, you can take other antioxidants, but these are the four main ones that will definitely help support good kidney health.