Brushing Teeth Helps Kidney Disease | Oral Hygiene Can Help Kidney Disease REALLY?

Brushing Teeth Helps Kidney Disease | Oral Hygiene Can Help Kidney Disease REALLY?

Brush brush brush your teeth brush them every day, brushing your teeth every day keep the nephrologist away! If you haven’t figured out, today’s video is about oral health and kidney disease, and how brushing teeth helps kidney disease.

I’m gonna reference a study here that was published in November 2021, so just recently. It was in the specialty care dentist journal and it was titled “A Meta-Analysis on the Effect of Periodontal Treatment on the Glomular Filtration Rate of Chronic Kidney Disease Individuals.” This is an interesting study. What they did was they looked at other studies where they looked at periodontal disease treatments and actually people got improvements on their kidney function. They got improvements on their GFR. So what do we know in general about health and just diseases is the worse your oral health is, the higher correlation you’re more at risk to develop heart disease, certain type of autoimmune disorders, and a whole bunch of other illnesses that are related because oral health is really important to your health of your body.

Our mouths are dirty because there’s bacteria. There’s always bacteria going on. Bacteria can grow and then since that bacteria is in your mouth there’s blood vessels under your tongue it goes right into your body affecting everything. So what they did was they looked at people in this study who had some type of periodontal disease. usually it’s earlier stage gingivitis. They gave them non-surgical periodontal treatment, basically good oral hygiene. They got some cleanings from a dental hygienist. They found that when they corrected their problems ,they got an increase in their GFR. These are people with kidney disease and this is definitely part of overall good health.

What you want to do with any of your oral health is you want to make sure you brush your teeth two to three times a day.  Three times is a little hard for a lot of people, but two is really sufficient. You want to make sure you floss. Flossing is super important. You want to brush, you want to floss, and you want to use some type of antiseptic mouthwash. Most people know of Listerine. You can use that and there’s a lot other ones out there. Using that combo daily, or as often as you can, really keeps good oral health which is going to help your kidney disease. It’s really amazing how everything in the body is is related.

If you do have any type of periodontal disease, gingivitis maybe, or you don’t have the best oral health, go get your teeth cleaned professionally. Then keep up on the maintenance habits of good oral health by brushing, flossing, and using antiseptic mouthwash. Make sure you see a dentist every six months to every year.

If it’s not in your budget and you can’t afford dental care, you can always look for deals online. There’s always Groupon deals. Also, and any college that has a dental hygienist program has a clinic where the students get to practice cleaning teeth. In exchange it’s a really low rate, very affordable for people to get their teeth cleaned. So that’s another option. Make sure you get good oral health. 

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