Supplements Reverse Kidney Disease: 25 Case Studies of CKD Kidney Support Supplements

Supplements Reverse Kidney Disease: 25 Case Studies of CKD Kidney Support Supplements

Today’s video is from a a journal write-up. It was a write-up that was published on They have their own journal and this was part of a press release. This science-based article titled “Reversing Chronic Kidney Disease with Niacin and Sodium Bicarbonate October 14th 2021″ If anybody wants to look that up we’re going to talk about how these supplements reverse kidney disease. It was written by Stephen Mcconnell and reviewed by Todd Penberthy.

The article discusses two nutrients that we’ve talked a lot about here on Healthy Kidney Inc, which you can check our other youtube videos on, even recent ones. This was actually sent by a customer of ours over to me, and I thought it was great video. Again, this is Stephen Mcconnell’s protocol which he uses for people with kidney disease. He’s a researched epidemiologist. He has 25 case studies documented that he claims reverse kidney disease by using these two super super great nutrients.

The whole article you can read about and we’re going to include the link. What we’re going to go over first off is low dose, release immediate release niacin. If you can’t take niacin because of the flushing, he recommends no flush niacin: Niacinamide. In my experience, most people go to that. However, you can try niacin first–100 to 500 milligrams; three times per day. That’s with food. Ideally you should get to the 500 milligrams three times per day. This controls phosphorus and helps all the complications of heart problems that come along with kidney disease.

The second thing is sodium bicarbonate. 1800 milligrams per day so that’s about 600 milligrams three times per day. You’ll probably find tablets that are about 6.50 and you can get that extra 150. That’s not going to make a big difference. So, 1800 milligrams is the number to shoot for.

Now the other things on here you can do. I’d recommend talking to your doctor first, bit I think the two biggest takeaways are those two nutrients. He also recommends calcium carbonate anti-acid pills, like Tums. We use these to help bind phosphorus. In my opinion, with all the research we don’t like to use these anymore and this is a little bit outdated. We know calcium is bad for the heart because of calcification of the arteries so we tend not to like to use this. However, this is his protocol and this is what he’s used to help people. He also has a low-dose thyroid supplement which could give you some thyroid hormones. Now in some people the thyroid gets sluggish or becomes hypothyroid when you have kidney disease, so make sure you get your blood work first and take a look to make sure you don’t have a sluggish thyroid. You might want to get that evaluated by a couple different endocrinologists because everybody’s got a different opinion.

Then he recommends Methylfolate which we have discussed here. Up to two milligrams a day of l-methylfolate a much better form of folic acid. This  absorbs better for most people’s genetics and helps with a lot of complications. That is something you can take.