Bacon and Kidney Disease | Can You Eat Bacon on a Renal Diet?

Bacon and Kidney Disease | Can You Eat Bacon on a Renal Diet?

Today’s video we’re answering a question that someone sent to us: Can you eat bacon on a renal diet?

The answer is no, you shouldn’t eat bacon on a renal diet because there is a lot of sodium in bacon. Generally, there is a lot of saturated fat too. This is bad for the kidney because you’re talking about really high amounts.

I used to like bacon many years ago, and maybe once every five years i’ll get a little bite somewhere that I happen to be, but it’s not something you should eat often in a kidney diet. It’s just way too much sodium. It’s not good for you. If you want to have bacon, make it a treat or something on the holidays.

If you’re looking for a healthier option, you can look at some alternatives like turkey bacon. You can look at the sodium content, but if you want to have bacon check the back label and look to get the least amount of sodium you can find. You may be able to find a low sodium bacon. I’m sure they’re out there. I’m not familiar though because I’m not looking at those type of products. so if you’re going to have bacon try to find the type with the  lowest sodium.

Turkey bacon I have looked generally has lower sodium amounts than the regular bacon, so that might be an option. Overall you shouldn’t have it in your kidney diet. If you are, try to just really limit it.

Another option is vegan bacon, which you can make from flours and different seasonings. That might be an option you can have. I quickly looked at some recipes for that. Make sure you avoid any of the salty items that they’re using, but a vegan bacon you may be okay with. Remember to use low sodium ingredients. 

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