Steroids and Kidney Disease | Protect Kidneys From Steroid Damage

Protect Kidneys From Steroid Damage | Steroids and Kidney Disease

Today’s video we’re talking about anabolic steroids and kidney disease, and if you are going to use anabolic steroids how to protect yourself so that hopefully you won’t get any kidney damage. We’re not recommending steroid use, we’re always telling people you should never use anabolic steroids. I worked with a nephrologist for eight years and every so often we see cases of athletes and bodybuilders coming in or regular men who were using steroids generally to get bigger muscles or to increase their sports performance.

We would see people that came in every once in a while with kidney damage, every couple months or so. Usually we can recover the kidney damage because what happens with anabolic steroids is that you develop a nephrotic syndrome where you have a lot of protein in the urine. You can even develop an autoimmune nephrotic syndrome like fsgs.

You develop a lot of protein in the urine kidney damage and that damage could continue happening if you don’t stop the steroids. Most people are able to get them in a much better place, stabilize things as long as they got rid of the the steroids and whatever else they were doing, and some people you could not reverse the damage.

You should never do steroids, but if you are going to do them you want to follow a couple guidelines and we’re going to talk about a couple supplements you can use. First off, make sure you’re seeing a medical doctor. Even if you’re doing them legally you still should see a medical doctor. There’s a lot of doctors out there that’ll just monitor you to make sure you’re not really harming yourself. They can see things early on so you might not feel anything while your kidney is declining but they can see it in blood work sooner and you can be on top of it. You can take aggressive measures and do whatever you need to do so see a medical doctor.

A lot of them will be open to just seeing you as long as you just tell them what you’re doing to just monitor you and make sure you’re not really going to hurt yourself okay. Second off, hydration lots of water, lots and lots of water. Especially while you’re doing steroids.

We have a couple herbs you can take. One is milk thistle. Milk thistle is an herb thats been around for hundreds of years. Traditionally known for liver health, but does a great job with kidney health too. You’re gonna get two benefits with milk thistle. You’re gonna protect your liver which is an issue with steroids and you’re going to also help your kidney. You’re going to protect your kidney so you want to use an extract milk thistle extract and you want to use somewhere around 1000 to 1500 milligrams, at least a thousand. If you’re a big man or you’re a lady hopefully you’re not doing steroids but if you are and you’re a bigger lady you should go to that 1500 milligrams. When I say bigger I’m talking to 180 pounds in that area or more.

Pills come in 300 milligram extracts, 500 milligram extract, and you generally won’t find higher than like 500. So get in that thousand to 1500 milligram area.

Curcumin which is shown to help protect against a variety of toxic substances we have a whole video about curcumin. You can check that out. You want to make sure you’re getting turmeric extract which is then curcumin. Turmeric is a spice from India. The extract of that is curcumin and you want that 1500 milligram area. If you want to learn more about curcumin, just check out our other video, we’ll include a link down in the description section. CoQ10 is a great antioxidant you can try. We got a whole video about that too. Wonderful kidney support 400 milligrams a day.

It’s a high dose but if you’re going to do steroids you want to throw in a good dose of Coq10. Throw a couple things at your kidney health to help protect yourself. So 400 Ius once a day, and then vitamin E, you want to get vitamin E okay 400 IUS, hopefully with some mixed copper rolls because there’s a lot of different parts to vitamin e make sure it’s d alpha tocopherol not dl kdl tocopherol.

If you look on the back label you’ll see what type of vitamin e it is. Most will be d alpha tocopherol. That’s the natural one. D l alpha tocopherol that you’ll find that’s a synthetic one, that’s not the one you want. Make sure you get that d alpha tocopherol, with some mixed tocopherols or tocotrienols depending where you go or whatever formula you have. You can always get a 400 IU, one pill twice a day.

So those four supplements are really good to take. Remember hydration and make sure you see a medical doctor and if you watch this video and you’re thinking about doing steroids for whatever reason, for your sports performance to get bigger muscles, don’t do it. It’s not worth it. Generally a few years down the line when you’re a little older these things aren’t as important as they were before and you can really cause some long-term harm and damage to yourself.