Fasting and Diabetic Kidney Disease | You Can Reverse Diabetic Kidney Disease With Fasting Mimicking Diet!

Fasting and Diabetic Kidney Disease | You Can Reverse Diabetic Kidney Disease With Fast Mimicking Diet!

Thanks for tuning in to this video today which I’m excited to bring to you because I just came across some exciting research about fasting and diabetic kidney disease.

Fasting’s been very popular in the last few years and fasting, or intermittent fasting, is when you go for long periods of time without eating and then you eat. People follow schedules with this where they do 16 hours 16-8 where they do 16 hours of fasting 8 hours of eating. Some people just eat one meal a day as their form of fasting. From a scientific standpoint we have dozens of studies on fasting and intermittent fasting and it doesn’t show any benefit with kidney disease contrary to what people tell you. If you lose weight well that could improve your kidney disease but that’s not because of the fasting it’s because you haven’t eaten for a while so you’re reducing your calories.

Now this piece of research is about a fasting mimicking diet. It’s a different type of fast. I’ve seen other research in this in other health issues and it’s shown to help and actually provide improvements while negating a lot of the negatives that come along with fasting or intermittent fasting and this is the first piece of research that I have seen apply to diabetic kidney disease. 

I saw it last night couldn’t wait to do this video to give it to everyone out there. I think it’s a safe dietary option that you want to consider if you’re going to do fasting. If you say “I want to fast for my kidney health.” don’t just do the intermittent fasting, do this type of fast.

Let me give you a little information about this study. It was titled A Six-Month Periodic Fasting Reduces Microalgonuria and Improves Metabolic Control in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes and Diabetic Nephropathy: a Randomized Control Study. This was published December 1st, 2021 so it just came out not long ago. It was funded by the German research foundation and the German center for diabetes research in conjunction with the university hospital of Heidelberg.

What they did was they took 40 people and they gave them this mimicking fasting diet 40 people with diabetic kidney disease for six months, and then they took them off the diet for three months after that to see the differences. What they found was that when people were on this diet they lowered the protein in their urine, which is just what you always want to do to help your kidney health. Plus, they had better blood sugar markers. It had better metabolic control. They lost weight and they were able to improve the protein area. They had less protein in their urine, so that’s wonderful and it’s shown to be safe because they did it for six months which is quite a while

In this study they compared it to people on the Mediterranean Diet and the Mediterranean Diet didn’t get the renal improvement effects that we hoped for this type of diet. Now this is a very specific type of diet I’m just going to give you the overview of it and then if you want to find out or more information there is a place where you can purchase it from by the creator. You can purchase a package. They don’t have food lists or things like that that are readily available on the market that i’ve seen, so you have to go to this company to get the package to do everything for it. Basically it’s a five-day mimicking of fast so you do eat food those five days you start with a higher amount of calories somewhere around 1100 calories then each day you progressively go down into the 800 calories and then I think on day six and seven you go back to eating regularly. Then you start over.

So this is this type of mimicking fasting diet I think as time goes on this is going to be very popular you’re going to see a lot of other varieties of it. It helps because the type of food you’re eating is helping control the blood sugar you’re not starving you’re not becoming hypoglycemic you’re feeding your body good healthy nutrients so a variety of reasons. If you have diabetic kidney disease and you’re considering fasting try this instead.

The founder was a medical doctor who ended up patenting the diet and the kit that comes with the diet of the foods teas whatever else you’re having. It’s called, that’s the website.

Before you do this always check with your nephrologist just to make sure that it’s okay. Maybe you have an issue where you shouldn’t do it as I don’t know everybody’s individual health history and their conditions is unique to them so get proper clearance first try this instead of the regular intermittent fasting or fasting which hasn’t shown these type of benefits at all when it comes to kidney health.