Proteinuria Diet and Autoimmune Diseases | Diet For Patients With Nephrotic Syndrome, Proteinuria, Nephritis Syndrome, etc.

Proteinuria Diet and Autoimmune Diseases | Diet For Patients With Nephrotic Syndrome, Proteinuria, Nephritis Syndrome, etc.

Today’s video is about proteinuria and in particular autoimmune diseases, any type of nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, FSGS, lupus however you have a lot of proteinuria, you can try this type of therapeutic diet that was done in this recent piece of research that i’m going to talk about.

So the title of this research is Keto Supplemented Low Protein Diet: a Valid Therapeutic Approach for Patients with Steroid Resistant Proteinuria During Early Stage Chronic Kidney Disease. It was in the Journal of Nutrition and Healthy Aging: April, 2016. What they did was they put people that had a lot of proteinuria they broke them up into two groups. Each group had about 50 people. The one group they gave a low protein diet supplemented with ketoanalogues of essential amino acids. The second group they just told them to follow a normal protein diet with the keto analogues of essential amino acids. What they found at the end is that supplemented low protein diet is both nutritionally safe and beneficial providing nephroprotective effects for early stage ckd patients with steroid resistant proteinuria.

Anybody can do this, you do have to buy the keto analogs of essential amino acids. The one drawback is the price on these, but it is an option. It’s an option out there that a lot of you people can do that you can try. Anybody that’s got a lot of proteinuria and some kidney issues can try this for a short while and do before and after blood work. They did nine months in here and the people on that supplemented low protein diet did much much better. They had higher rates of remission, partial remission than people in the normal protein diet.

Ketoanalogues are not new to a lot of parts of the world but they’re fairly new to the U.S. They’ve been around for 30-40 years, even longer than that They’ve been around since the 50s but just not commonly used in the United States. They are becoming more commonly used because they just updated some major medical guidelines about a year ago. People should this type of diet if you have kidney issues and make sure you’re monitored by a doctor. Now, these keto analogs are medical foods all right so they’re like supplements but in a little higher category.

There’s only two brands really that you can get in the U.S. of keto analogs of essential amino acids that’s Ketorena, and Albutrix. The other one that’s been around for a long time is Ketosterol. Those are the three types, the two main ones in the U.S These are excellent if you’re going to do a low protein diet or a very low protein diet you should use these. The other options are essential amino acids, but they’re not as good. Keto analogs of essential amino acids are about 30 percent better over essential amino acids. It is an option, the drawback is cost on the keto analog.

You can read more about them by going to our website and checking out our section that has our pure kidney product and from there you can read about ketoanalogues, The Albutrix which i’m associated with. Either one is shown and both products have their own unique features. You can read about both of them: that’s Albutrix and Ketorena with a low protein diet when you want to look to go into remission or at least partial remission with any type of disease that is autoimmune. These include nephrotic syndrome, nephritis, Lupus and FSGS.