Pesticides and Kidney Disease | Kidney Disease Pesticide Damage & Protection

Pesticides and Kidney Disease | Kidney Disease Pesticide Damage & Protection

This video is about pesticides and kidney disease. What are pesticides? They are chemicals used to attack the nervous system of bugs so that you can keep these bugs off your property and especially used in agriculture and gardening where you want to keep these bugs that eat your crops like fruit flies away from your crops. You want to kill them to keep them away so that you can have good produce, have a comfortable environment in your house.

We know from other research that pesticides are not good for your kidneys. There’s another piece of research that came out January 1st 2022, it was titled Pesticide Associated with Chronic Kidney Disease: Study out of Australia. It was published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, January 1st 2022. They looked at a common pesticide that’s in most of the pesticide products that you would purchase over the counter and that are used commercially today. They found people were at a 25% higher risk of developing kidney disease later on and the more exposure the worse. From other studies we know that if you have kidney disease and you’re exposed to these pesticides a lot it’s bad for your kidney health.

So what can you do if you work with this stuff or even if you want to use it a couple times a year to help control the crops on your property to help control the bugs? You want to take a few precautions. The first thing is wear long sleeves and long pants so that if any of that pesticide gets on you it’s going to get on your clothing first instead of your skin where it can absorb through your skin. You want to use gloves. That’s a definite thing. You want to use gloves. You want to use a respirator or some type of mask if you can so that you don’t inhale as much of it. Those are some practices that you can do to help protect yourself. Next I would recommend taking some antioxidants like vitamin e, vitamin c, coq10, that are all kidney friendly.

What these pesticides do is they harm your body and the cells causing more free radical damage. You need antioxidants to offset that. The other topic is organic foods, organic produce, and buying your foods organic. I generally don’t recommend that in our books when I consult unless it’s something you want to take the extra step and do. Generally just avoiding pesticides when applying is going to be good enough. If you want to go that extra step with organic food first make sure you’re doing all the dietary stuff, all the supplement stuff first. Make sure you’re taking your medications. If it’s in your budget and you want to go a step further with organic food that’s fine but if it’s not in your budget don’t make it a point to force it because the benefits haven’t really been established with organic food versus non organic food for for kidney health.

We do know that overall if it’s really organic food it’s better for you but you’re better off just doing the basic dietary stuff and basic supplement stuff before you change to a whole organic diet. If you can’t afford organic food or you can’t afford that much organic food you want to stick to organic animal products. A lot of toxins store within the fat of animal products so that’s where you get the highest concentrations. If you are looking to move to organic, first you can look to the animal products and then your produce.

Just protect yourself if you’re going to apply pesticides. Long sleeves, long pants, gloves, a mask and some antioxidants. 

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