Improve Kidney Health with New Research Based Tips

Improve Kidney Health with New Research Based Tips

This video I go through how to improve kidney health with a variety of studies and things I’ve recently pulled from databases go over what they said. These are all things that you can implement into your lifestyle to improve your kidney health. So let’s get into it.

This is from the clinical nutrition a-s-p-e-n journal, April 2022 “the differential effect of animal versus vegetable dietary protein on the clinical manifestations of diabetic kidney disease in humans”

So what they talk about here is how animal protein is much worse for people with diabetic nephropathy and that most of the time their doctors never tell them and that’s just due to a variety of reasons. Their physicians aren’t telling them and it’s better to have some plant-based proteins based on the newest recommendations which we know are much better for the kidney. Plant-based proteins cause much less hyperfiltration, and less toxins.

Those plant-based proteins that you want to incorporate are going to be your soy products okay your tofu, tempeh, edamame, beans. When you look at the research in soy it could be considered a superfood for kidney issues. Also nuts, seeds, soy,  or lentils.  You can have some quinoa or other whole grains will have some little higher amounts of protein if you’re not restricting phosphorus so those are your main plant-based sources. You could use a protein powder that’s plant-based but that’s better than an animal-based protein powder but you’d rather eat the food because that concentration of protein isn’t as good for you as eating a plant-based source.

Next we have from the Kidney International Reports in 2022. I have a little trouble finding the date but you can find it by the titlecoffee consumption may mitigate the risk for acute kidney injury results from the arthrosclerosis risk and community study” So a little coffee with kidney disease shows beneficial here. It helped reduce acute kidney disease which is a very fast form of kidney disease, usually from an infection, medical procedure, could be a variety of other things, and how some coffee helped that.

Years ago we thought coffee was bad and we told everybody to avoid it, but with research and time we know having one to two cups provides a little bit of benefit with people with kidney issues. You want to try to avoid all the sugar, all the creams, all the artificial sweeteners, all right and stick to mainly that cup of coffee.

We have the journal of renal nutrition April 2022 and this is like the journal one of the leading ones for kidney disease and nutrition. So currently available handouts for low phosphorus diets and chronic kidney disease continue to restrict plant proteins and minimally processed dairy products. What they’re talking about is that how most doctors are still giving out old recommendations. We don’t worry about plant proteins anymore we know that they’re exceptionally good for the kidney. We know that small amounts of dairy may be okay, but generally with dairy you want to avoid that all right.

So that’s just some information from here journal of toxins may 2022. “The role of dietary fiber and gut microbiome modulation and progression of chronic kidney disease.” So they’re just summarizing evidence here on how important fiber is in the diet of someone with kidney disease because your gut a lot of those kidney toxins that’s where they end up and that’s where they’re also created okay so you want to have a good gut health through having lots of fiber probiotics, prebiotics, probiotics can also be a supplemental fiber really important for the kidneys.

Last is comparative study to evaluate the effect of a low protein diet supplementation with taurine and an acetylcysteine and then a low protein diet with n-acetyl cysteine and pyridoxamine dehydrochloride and preventing the progression of chronic renal failure in patients with non-diet kidney disease comparative study to evaluate effective low protein diets that’s from the journal of the association of physicians in India may 2022 low protein diet okay they recommend here was very helpful with kidney disease and they gave some supplements along with it and acetyl cysteine or n-acetyl cysteine.

We have a whole video on our website also on our channel here that talks about how good that is for you with kidney issues how it could be beneficial. What they found here is that people who took the NAC with the pyridoxamine dehydrochloride got the best benefits and improvement. Unfortunately in the united states pyrodoxine hydrochloride is no longer available, it’s a form of b6, but it’s not available here in the u.s anymore. You can get it in other countries but regardless a low protein diet if you decide you want to try that take an n-acetyl cysteine cysteine nac can really help.