Uric Acid and Kidney Damage | Stop Uric Acid From Damaging Kidneys

Uric Acid and Kidney Damage | Stop Uric Acid From Damaging Kidneys

Today’s video is about uric acid and kidney damage. If you have kidney issues this relates to you because we’re talking about uric acid within kidney disease.

Uric acid is a part of nitrogen metabolism nitrogen breakdown your body creates uric acid it’s a normal part of production and your kidneys get rid of it. When your kidneys are damaged it can’t get rid of the uric acid as effectively and so uric acid levels can build up. When those levels build up they become more nephrotoxic. They become very bad for you and you lose kidney function.

First thing you need to do is get tested tp see where your levels are at. So get tested make sure you see that uric acid test on the blood work don’t assume your doctor is doing it. All the time I just keep hearing “well my doctor said everything was okay” yeah for the couple of tests they run but there’s a lot of other tests that could be run so just make sure you’re getting that uric acid level tested. If it’s elevated you should be treated and even considered a high normal like eight or above you should consider getting treated for it.

Prescription wise there are a couple of drugs that you can use. Two main ones on the market and just a few others that’s something to discuss with your doctor. I‘m really going to recommend that you consider a medication. You probably have to use a medication to get the uric acid levels down with kidney disease I have not seen any research, any studies, and I haven’t seen anyone get the uric acid levels down just naturally when there’s kidney disease present because the kidneys are just can’t do the job that they were doing if they were healthy. You’re most likely almost always gonna need a medication. But if you’re looking to take less medication you’re looking to complement your medication maybe the medication’s not working as effectively there’s a couple things that you can add to your to your treatment plan.

The journal of nutrients August 15, 2019 they gave a couple of complimentary options. They went through a lot of different nutrients with different benefits and these are the three that they recommend. First is curcumin. We love curcumin, it’s an extract of turmeric. I have videos on here just about curcumin. So if you really want to take curcumin reference our other videos.

The magic numbers about 1500 milligrams a day you want to take is usually going to be like three pills of a good product you want to make sure it’s a curcumin extract. There’s a lot of different extracts out there but I have other another video on just on curcumin and kidney disease. Another thing that you can take is Vitamin C. They talked about how vitamin c was very beneficial. It helps convert some of that uric acid to not being as harmful so a lot of different types of vitamin c on the market. The one I’m going to recommend is Ester-C. It’s a patented type of vitamin c that’s very well absorbed, not acidic, easy on the digestive system.

500 to 1000 milligrams you can take in that area 500 very safe a very conservative dose you can go upwards of a thousand, some studies use a little higher but I’m more cautious with vitamin c and kidney disease so ester c five hundred thousand. Next one is L-Arginine. It’s an amino acid. When you take amino acids it’s preferred to take them on an empty stomach or a food without protein like fruit. So l-arginine, what they recommend doses 1500 upwards of 3000 milligrams a day so 1500 to 3000 milligrams per day.

So with your medication you can take these three natural supplements and you should get an improved benefit, more support for your kidneys, healthier uric acid levels, and just be healthier overall.