Diabetic Nephropathy Treatment | Quercetin 8 to 16 Weeks

Diabetic Nephropathy Treatment | Quercetin 8 to 16 Weeks

If you have diabetic nephropathy or diabetic kidney disease, you might want to try the supplement quercetin for diabetic nephropathy treatment anywhere from 8 to 16 weeks. Get before and after blood tests and you can see the results.

We’re going to talk about quercetin, it’s in the supplement study here that supports using it in diabetic nephropathy. From the phytomedicine journal, October 2022,effective dose and duration of natural flavonoid corsets in for the treatment of diabetic nephropathy” So they looked at quercetin, it’s a flavonoid that you find in tea, berries, apples, a variety of fruits & vegetables, and it has a lot of benefits for the body.

Here they’re talking about how it can help scarring of the kidney, it can help the blood sugar, it can help cholesterol and, and help people that are diabetic nephropathy. It’s worth taking a high dose for 8 to 16 weeks and then you would do before and after blood work for your results and you would get off the quercetin for a period of time. Then, you can get back on it again for like 8 to 16 weeks. You probably should get off of it for about six weeks but that’s only if you use a really high dose.

In this study, they recommend some very high doses for people and they recommend a higher dose. They have calculations here for four to six thousand milligrams a day. That’s very high and that’s why they recommend 8 to 16 weeks, so you’re gonna be taking a lot of pills. However, you can do it for a short duration. Now, if you’re worried that that’s too much and you want to take the quercetin, but you don’t want to take that much then you can take it for much longer.

You don’t have to take it for the 8 to 16 weeks if you use fifteen hundred to two thousand milligrams per day. Generally you do something like a thousand milligrams, twice per day. There’s a lot of brands out there. Now Food® is what I recommend, Protocol for Life®, Pure Encapsulation®, but there’s a lot out there. Make sure it’s got good quality manufacturing and if you’re going to try it those really high doses, don’t stay on them long term. Make sure to get that blood work at 8 to 16 weeks to see your results and you may want to get off and get back on those high doses.