New Drug for Kidney Disease | SGLT2 Inhibitors and Kidney Disease

New Drug for Kidney Disease | SGLT2 Inhibitors and Kidney Disease

Today we’re talking about a new drug for kidney disease from the medication class called SGLT2 inhibitors which has been out for many years, so we know the side effects. It’s an older drug, which is good, so we know more about it. This medication was approved last year, Farxiga® the first one in its class, was approved for type two diabetes with kidney disease.

But lots and lots of reports and recommendations are out now that it also can be used for chronic kidney disease. This is a big thing, and the reason I’m bringing up this video, is because it’s underutilized, doctors aren’t prescribing it enough. This is a study from the American Journal of Kidney Diseases that shows they’re just not being utilized properly.

They’re underutilized, and these can have really good success if you’re a candidate for this. So don’t assume your doctor’s bringing this up to you, bring it up to your doctor. Ask them if you’re a candidate for one of the SGLT2 inhibitor medications. They could be really good for you. 

These medications operate by lowering blood sugar by causing the kidneys to excrete sugar from the body through the urine. Because they work on the kidneys, they have shown promise to help with chronic kidney disease as well as diabetes. These drugs are pills that you generally take once a day before your first meal. This medication is currently very underutilized for chronic kidney disease patients.

A lot of doctors are unaware of the efficacy this drug can have on improving kidney disease. SGLT2 inhibitors are effective at slowing the progression of kidney disease, reducing heart failure, and reducing the chance of kidney failure and death in people with kidney disease and type 2 diabetes.

SGLT2 inhibitors also help protect the kidneys of people with chronic kidney disease who do not have diabetes. Some ,ild side effects have been reported in people using SGLT2 inhibitors, that may include increased frequency of urination, mainly at night, and increased thirst.

Consider bringing this medication up with your doctor, and see if you are a candidate for it. There is always new research coming out on chronic kidney disease and treatments and it is important to stay on top of it, as it can help you manage your kidney disease. To your best kidney health everyone.