A Kidney Health Supplement To Consider: Sodium Bicarbonate, Probiotics, Prebiotics, Niacinamide for CKD

Robert has been through all stages of kidney disease including dialysis and a kidney transplant. Today, he credits his frequent care over his health in maintaining a healthy kidney lifestyle. Controlling your blood pressure, taking medications on time, following a proper renal diet, and taking a lot of supplements are among some things that help a lot for anyone with kidney disease.


At Healthy Kidney Inc., we always discuss good things you can implement to better your kidneys, whether it’s through diet, lifestyle, or the right type of supplements. Robert is a big believer in supplements supporting optimal kidney function and other health issues as supplements have scientifically been proven to benefit your health, depending on what you’re going through. 


We make supplements as well, especially targeted towards kidney issues. One of our top sellers is ‘Kidney Restore’ and Robert expands on it in the first half of the video. He explains how Kidney Restore can support optimal kidney health and thousands of people have seen promising results. The product is a success also due to its restorative ingredients that we discuss more below. 


The first ingredient to be noted is sodium bicarbonate — they lower the stress on your kidneys by helping neutralize a lot of the unhealthy acid buildup. Sodium bicarbonate has been used for years to treat metabolic acidosis in chronic kidney disease.


The second and main ingredient in Kidney Restore is probiotics. There are 30 billion probiotics per capsule. That’s way more than what most of these other supplements offer. And with kidney disease, the more the better. Probiotics play a huge role in promoting optimal kidney function by lowering levels of blood urea nitrogen and they get rid of the kidney toxins. This is another way Kidney Restore supports good kidney health. 


Niacinamide or B3 is the third ingredient in this signature supplement. This special ingredient helps block phosphorus absorption as phosphorus needs to be processed by the kidneys and it puts a lot of stress on them. Some studies even suggest that niacinamide may prevent acute kidney injury (AKI). 


Prebiotics are also included in this supplement. They ensure the growth of probiotics so they can consume more kidney toxins. This can reap several beneficial outcomes like improving digestion and strengthening the immune system.


All these powerful ingredients packed into a Delayed -Release capsule brings out the best in your kidneys. A delayed-release capsule is designed in a way to dissolve later and bypass the stomach to the small intestine, where the nutrient can be easily absorbed. This process guarantees that everything is intact until after it bypasses the stomach so the stomach acid doesn’t kill any probiotics. 


You can google these ingredients anytime and you’ll learn about their positive effects on supporting kidney function. Check out our website to find out more about Kidney Restore. 


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