About Healthy Kidney Publishing

Founder of Healthy Kidney Publishing

The founder of Healthy Kidney Publishing is just like you. A sufferer of kidney disease!

Whose only goal is to give you information and natural solutions to the entire range of kidney problems that people, including himself, have been experiencing while suffering from chronic kidney disease.

Robert Galarowicz is the founder of Healthy Kidney Publishing and is an internationally known kidney health expert with success helping thousands of people understand how to properly care for their kidney health. He has personally gone through every stage of kidney disease, including kidney failure, two and half years on dialysis and is currently living with a cadaver kidney transplant for well over a decade.

His mission is to help people avoid what he had gone through and to empower people with information that can help improve the health of their kidneys.

Hence, Healthy Kidney Publishing was born. From our books, products and services to the constant information and videos being added to this blog. You will learn something to have healthier kidneys!